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NutriMost Resonant Frequency Technology is a scientific breakthrough that allows the body to communicate its needs without any guessing. Using galvanic skin response, the technology sends specific messages to the body and monitors the physiochemical response. Comparisons to the baseline allow for analysis to determine biological preferences, biomarkers out of range, and areas in which the body may be weak or imbalanced. Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a certified author for NRF, has written four of the most advanced scans ever developed. He is known as THE Weight Loss Answerman and utilized his more than 30 years of clinical experience to author the Nutrimost Ulitmate Fat Loss System. It took him many months to program the specific bio-survey and analysis that is performed with NRF technology. The amazing technology allows the more than 400 million communications that occur per second in the body to be assessed.

NRF technology takes a hormonal fingerprint to determine the exact blueprint a person needs to bring their body into an optimal state of fat burning or health. It makes us capable of measuring and assisting the body’s inborn healing abilities better than was ever previously possible. NRF technology is so advanced and specific it can determine hormone imbalances, organ function weakness, and MUCH MORE!

Currently only Dr. Joel Feeman is certified to use this technology in Indiana. As more people become aware of the state of the art technology, they are traveling from greater and greater distances. There is no longer any need to go another day being overweight! NRF Technology will determine EXACTLY what your body is missing and allow you to lose 20 – 40 pounds or more in only 40 days.

By Joel Feeman

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